frill in a sentence

frill meaning:

n.) an unnecessary or superfluous ornament or luxury or unnecessary features or details

n.) a decoration that consists of a narrow piece of cloth that has many small folds in it

frill sentence:

The question is simple and without frills.

He wore a white shirt with frills on the sleeves.

The shirt sometimes had frills at the neck or cuffs.

The company produces no-frills skirts at low prices.

The baseball player drove an expensive car with all the frills.

I need to find a cheap, no frills airline.

The underskirt has a frill all round the lower edge.

Laces are usually simple leather with no frills.

The bird had a frill on its head and four legs.

Turkeys are sometimes decorated with turkey frills prior to serving.

The frilled shirts of Georgian times were replaced by plain cloth.

He is dressed colorfully, a green jacket and a red, frilly shirt with diamond studs.