Learn English with movies and films

Watching movies, trying to understand and use them is a tangible way of learning the English language. This site  Movienglish.net  has designed a comprehensive list of movie clips that you can learn English from.

Our new innovative quizzing method will certainly carry you to the world of authentic English with interactive, entertaining, and motivating movie clips and related questions. You will learn English with movies fast and easily.

Why learn English with movies?

Learning English through short videos and movie clips gets you to use several of your senses. You listen to the conversations and dialogs and hear background scenes and sounds, see facial expressions and mimics of the actors and actresses and in other word, the whole movie set. Consequently, you will be able to learn English faster and effectively and use it like native speakers of English.

Have fun while learning

When it comes to language learning, motivation is the key factor in a better learning environment. Studying from an English textbook or doing grammar and vocabulary exercises may get you to feel bored and tired.  However, in our quizzes you can learn all four skills through movies without getting sick and tired. You will have a lot of fun doing the exercises in the website.

Improve listening and speaking skills

You can listen to fast speaking persons and improve you listening and speaking skills. Unlike the textbooks, movies use real pace English dialogs which are really challenging for the learners of English. So, in our website you can follow along with the words that are spoken too fast. Also, movies provide you with the ability to learn commonly used informal expressions, slang, or scum words and phrases.

Learn from real sources

Moreover, while watching movies you will learn new words in real context with different accents by the famous actors and actresses. You will definitely improve your pronunciation and toning English. Learn English with movies (www.movienglish.net) is great source of English for you and your students.

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