To be Verb in English (am, is, are) Exercises

Here are free exercises, tests and quizzes prepared for learning and teaching the to be verb (am, is are). These exercises are interactive and online with instant feedback. Basic English Grammar Exercises are for all grades of EFL learners.

1- Positive Form (am, is, are)

2- Positive Form (am, is, are)

3- Negative Form (am, is, are)

4- Negative Form (am, is, are)

5- Question Form (am, is, are)

6- Question Form (am, is, are)

7- What + am is are

8- What Color + am is are

9- How old + am is are

10- How + am is are

11- Why + am is are

12- Who + am is are

13- When + am is are

14- Where + am is are

15- Mixed Test 1

16- Mixed Test 2