archdruid in a sentence

1) He held the position of archdruid from 1996 until 2009.

2) He was elected archdruid in July of 2009.

3) I think your being a bit unfair to the archdruid Louis.

archdruid example sentences

4) Following is the response of the archdruid of the Henge of Keltria.

5) The archdruid Report will therefore be on hiatus for the next month and a half.

6) Taliesin (the Merlin of Britain) is the old archdruid and harpist of Avalon.

7) Brower so enjoyed being called the archdruid that he later used the term in his e-mail address.

8) He was elected to the Councel of Elders in 2003 and selected as archdruid in July of 2009.

9) Masonic terminology was reworked to give it a Druidic flavour, so that the Great Architect of the Universe became the Great archdruid of the Universal.

10) Gerald Knobloch, who describes himself as an archdruid , used a divining rod to inspect the 300-yard stretch of the A9 in Styria and restore "earth energy lines".

11) The " archdruid " channels the power of nature, using it to their advantage by being very self-sufficient and being able to call upon wild creatures.

12) Tyrande Whisperwind, the High Priestess of Elune, is the current co-leader of the night elves (kaldorei), along with her husband archdruid Malfurion Stormrage.

13) In ', Tyrande's husband, archdruid Malfurion Stormrage, returned from the Emerald Dream, in which he had been trapped for years.

14) After the group prevents the attack, the archdruid tells them that they may reach the Severed Hand through an exit at the bottom floor of the Dragon's Eye.

15) They meet the archdruid of Kuldahar, who tells them that a portal has been opened to allow yuan-ti from the Jungles of Chult to assault Kuldahar.

example sentences with archdruid

16) John Cadvan Davies (1846-1923), archdruid of Wales in 1923, was minister of Ebeneser between 1889 and 1892.

17) Life as an archdruid : 1840-1882

18) Druid and Archdruid


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