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1) An archaic name for the islands in English was the "Pelew Islands".

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2) Rollins' athletic teams are called the Tars (an archaic name for a sailor).

3) Ruthenian is an archaic name for Ukrainian, while the Hutsuls are a regional Ukrainian subgroup.

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4) The name of the city of Uruma comes from an archaic name for Okinawa in the Okinawan language.

5) The archaic county name "Somersetshire" is first mentioned in the "Chronicle'"s entry for 878.

6) According to Paul MacCotter it is "apparently an archaic name for Uí Chairpre or one of its divisions.

7) Like most Byzantine historians, he was fond of tradition and employed archaic names to refer to describe contemporary peoples and places.

8) I really feel for Horatio Phillips . I'm convinced he suffers for his archaic name , and very much so because of the appearance of his multiplane machines.

9) The Bosniak group would remain active for several decades, with the continuity of ideas and the use of the archaic Bosniak name .

10) The history of the city is closely tied to that of the Ikuta Shrine, and the name "Kobe" derives from , an archaic name for those who supported the shrine.

11) Archaic names for the kestrel include "" and

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