accurately diagnose in a sentence

1) Skin scrapes are vital to accurately diagnose fish parasites.

2) Only a qualified mental health professional can accurately diagnose ADHD.

3) Biopsies and blood tests are performed to accurately diagnose the condition .

accurately diagnose example sentences

4) Immune system disorders can be really tricky to accurately diagnose .

5) In many aspects, PD can be problematic in diagnosing accurately .

6) Abdominal ultrasound requires an experienced operator to accurately diagnose the cause of colic.

7) Coarctation of the aorta can be accurately diagnosed with magnetic resonance angiography.

8) Has the doctor diagnosed accurately or have 'ageist' considerations clouded medical judgement?

9) My problem was accurately diagnosed .

10) Some cases of self-diagnosed Morgellons have been more accurately diagnosed as known skin disorders.

11) Cancer prevalence is what it is, and can be accurately diagnosed via biological tests.

12) An X-Ray or CT-Scan may be necessary to accurately diagnose a sternoclavicular separation.

13) Often, with these diagnostic studies, the chronic foot pain can be accurately diagnosed .

14) His reputation was one of being able to accurately diagnose , treat and cure his patients.

15) Once trichotillomania has finally been accurately diagnosed , it is then time to think about treatment.

use accurately diagnose in a sentence

16) Our friendly AC repair technicians can accurately diagnose your AC problem no matter how simple or complex.

17) Scabies can only be accurately diagnosed by taking skin scrapings and viewing them under a microscope.

18) Isolated and combined posterolateral knee injuries are difficult to accurately diagnose in patients presenting with acute knee injuries.

19) Therefore, it is important to understand the normal anatomy and dentition of chinchillas to accurately diagnose dental disease.

20) The inability of standard noninvasive diagnostic tests to accurately diagnose CAD in women has been a longstanding problem in cardiology.

21) Dr. Michel Maziade at the Université Laval has identified new biomarkers to accurately diagnose patients with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

22) Since I couldn't accurately diagnose at that point, I didn't do anything immediately, and watched them.

23) PAGER Association looks forward to a time when pediatric GERD will be diagnosed accurately and treated promptly, and ultimately eliminated.

24) Much of the difficulty in accurately diagnosing head lice stems from the possibility that observed nits are due to an extinct infestation.

25) There is little systematic epidemiologic information on RAD, its course is not well established and it appears difficult to diagnose accurately .

26) Once medicine learns how to accurately diagnose a medical condition, it usually means that the pathophysiology of the disease is understood.

27) He said that skin-

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