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Suggestions in English


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Making Suggestions 

Suggestions are used when we are deciding  to do something with other people, or giving them advice on different situations.

Let's is one of the mostly used suggestion forms.

How to use:

A friend says he is very bored.
Your suggestion:
Let's go out and drink coffee.

Situation:  Your wife says your children are not happy today.
Your suggestion:
Let's take them to cinema.

Positive form: Let's + verb1

  • Let's play tennis.
  • Let's go on a picnic.

Negative form: Let's + not+ verb1

  • Let's not play tennis.
  • Let's not go on a picnic.

Example Sentences:
  • A: What are we doing now?
          B:Let’s go home.
  • Let's take the children to the park.
  • Let's carry on this discussion at some other time, shall we?
  • Let's go to the cinema after work, okay?
  • Let's not go on holiday in August - it'll be too hot.
  • Let's not stay home and watch TV. There is a concert today.
  • Let's play a game.
  • Why wait? Let's leave now.
  • Let's stay in tonight and watch a video.

in a sentence

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