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Conditionals - Whether or not

How to use "Whether or not"

Whether or not  focuses that something will happen in any case or condition. This conjuction emphasizes  that a specific situation will continue no matter what happens.

  •  I'm going whether she likes it or not.
              (I am going not. "She likes it" or "she doesn't like it"  is not important for me.)
  • Whether it rains or not, we will play football.
               (We will play football in air any condition.)
  • Whether you agree or not, I will buy that car.
                (I will buy that car in anycase.)

More Example Sentences:

  • Someone's got to tell her whether it's you or not.

  • Let's face it - you're going to be late whether you go by taxi or not.

  • I won't go swimming whether it is cold or not.

  • She is going to marry him whether her father approves or not.

*** Note: It has a similar meaning with “even if” 

  • They have to go to school whether they like or not.
              They have to go to school even if  they don’t  like.

  • I will go swimming whether it is hot or not.
              I will go swimming even if it isn't hot.

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