Conditionals - Mixed Type Sentences

How to use " If Clauses Mixed Type" in a sentence

  • If she were your real friend, she would have helped you yesterday.

  • If he were your real friend, he would have helped you.

  • If I were you, I could have passed the exam.

  • This boy wouldn't be here if his parents hadn't died.

  • If we had saved more money last year , we would have enough for a holiday today.

  • If you had planned this properly , we wouldn't be in trouble now.

  • If you had warned me then, I would not be in prison now.

  • If I had accepted that job, I would bevery rich now.

  • If I had married him, I would be living happily now.

  • If Sally didn't love him, she wouldn't have married him.

  • You could have got a better job if you knew English.

  • If he had booked a table yesterday, we wouldn't be waiting here now.

  • If I didn't have to work this evening, I would have gone with them to the match..

  • If She had time, she would have called you.

  • If you hadn't spent all your money on CDs, you wouldn't be broke now.

  • If she weren't afraid of flying she wouldn't have travelled by boat.

  • I'd have been able to translate the letter if my Italian were better.

  • If I were a good cook, I'd have invited them to lunch.

  • If he weren’t a careless person, he wouldn’t have broken your antique vase.

  • If my friend were sincere, she could have offered to help me.

  • If I had gone to Istanbul , I would visit the Topkapı Palace now. 

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