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Conditionals - In case

How to use "in case" and " in case of"

"In case" is used to talk about things to do for the preparation for the possible future situations. We get prepared for something  because something might happen , or might have happened.

After in case we use subject + verb.
  • Take your umbrella  in case it rains. ( It may rain, so you should get prepared and take an umbrella)

  • We took an umbrella with us in case it rained. (past tense usage)

  • I will wait at the hospital in case he needs help.

  • We must make an alternate plan in case this one doesn't work.

  • I have his address in case I should have opportunity to visit him.

in case of

After in case of  we use a noun.

  • We still have a reserve of food in case of emergency.
  • The fire alarm will ring  in case of fire.

The Difference between "in case" and " if ".

in case is a precautionary action.  You should do an action before something happens or might happen  — this is an emergency preparation
if is a condition. You should do an action  after  something happens or might happen.

I will take my umbrella in case it rains.   (You take the umbrealla before it rains.It is just a prepaparation.)
I will take my umbrella if it rains.       (You take the umbrealla after or when it rains.)

I will go to my mother in case she needs help.      (She may need help or not, but I will go there in any condition)
I will go to my mother if she needs help.          (I will go there only when she needs help.)

We'll buy more bread in case more people come. (We aren't sure if more people will come, but we'll buy more bread any way)
We'll buy more bread if more  people come.  (I will buy more bread ofter more people come)

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