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Conditionals - Even if

How to use "Even if"

Even if focuses that something will happen, would happen or would have happened in any case or condition. This conjuction emphasizes  that a specific situation will continue no matter what happens.

  • Even if you take a taxi, you'll still miss your train.
              (It is impossible to catch the train no matter what you do including taking a taxi.)
  • Even if it is rainy, we will play football.
               (We will play football in any condition including rain.)
  • I wouldn't go into that lake even if I were a perfect swimmer. ( Type 2 unreal situation)
                (I cannot go into that water in any condition)

More Example Sentences:

  • Even if you are tired, please come.
  • Nobody believes him even if he tells the truth.
  • I always wake up automatically at 7:00 even ifI forget to set the alarm.
  • Seat belts are necessary even if your car is equipped with airbags.
  •  Even if you think you won't be successful, you should try it at least.

Comparision between "if" and "even if"

  • If you study hard, you will pass the exam. (It is possible for you to pass the exam if you study well.)
  • Even if you study, you won't pass the exam.(It is impossible for you to pass the exam in any condition.)
  • Even if it is cold tomorrow, we will go swimming. (We will go swimming in any condition)
  • If it cold tomorrow, we won't go swimming. (We won't go swimming on the condition that it is cold.)

We can use "even if" in three types of Conditionals

Type 1:
  • Even if they invite me, I won’t go there.
Type 2:
  • Even if they invited me, I wouldn’t go there.
Type 3:
  • Even if they had invited me, I wouldn’t have gone there.
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