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Conditionals - if Clauses - Zero Type

Type 0 (zero) - Zero Conditional

The conditional type zero is used when we want to talk about general truths, scientific facts or things which always happen under same conditions.

Important: We use this conditional when the result will always happen.

How to form Zero Conditional sentence:

Rule and Form: 

In 'zero' conditional sentences, the tenses in both parts of the sentence are the Simple Present:

If + Simple Present Tense Simple Present Tense
If you mix yellow and blue,

If it gets hot,

If you touch a fire, 

it becomes green.

ice melts.

you get burned.

When we use if clause at the the beginning of the sentence we use a comma (,) :

  • If you heat ice,  it melts.

but when we use if clause at the end of the sentence we don't use a comma:

  • It melts if you heat ice.

Example Sentences:

  • If I miss the bus, I get late for work.

  • Milk spoils if you leave it in the sun.

  • Water turns to ice if you put it in the freezer.

  • If I get late for work, my boss gets angry.

  • If people don't eat, they get hungry.

  • If you heat ice, does it melt?

  • People die if they don't eat.

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